Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Been a Rough Go!

It started out well, this online journal and my paper journal as well. Then, I found myself slacking a little more and a little more. I don't even remember the last time I wrote what I ate or how I was feeling about all of this. I don't really feel quite so committed as I did in the beginning I guess. I need to start being committed again. It is the only way this weight loss journey is going to happen.

I am back in the game... I hope!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Okay... I Promised

So here I am. Week two day three. Last night was training night. It went well. We started out with a full body work out again but quickly changed tunes when my leg started pulling and paining again. Next training session we will concentrate on my lower body since we strictly ended up doing upper body last night. My arms are still VERY week today. It is seriously hard to type even. I am having no problem lifting the girls today so far (thank goodness)! I did a ton of arm exercises and weights and then a whole lot of ab exercises. I am continually surprising myself with how much I am actually accomplishing. But it is HARD work!

So I walked in last night and started warming up right away. Tyler usually takes that time to look in my chart, at my journal, etc. and just chit chat a bit about how things have been going for me. He told me I looked like I had lost about three pounds since I was last there to do training and that since I didn't believe him that perhaps we better weigh in so he could prove himself. LOL Well I was last there to see him on Friday and I had lost exactly 3 pounds since then! I am impressed, but not exactly excited that he can look at me and know how many pounds I have lost. He is my neighbour, which means I am REALLY accountable now since he can look at me and see just how well or not so well I am doing every day. Seriously though, I am not worried. I am kicking ass and will continue to do so until I reach my goal weight and can wear a tank top comfortably!

Also, I learned last night that one of my complex carbs on training days is suppose to follow my workout. 2 complex carbs on workout days one prior to and one following training. This is going to be more difficult than I thought considering my training is usually late at night!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

This Whole Leg Thing

Ouch! I did my cardio on the treadmill. Used the "transition" setting. I would walk briskly and then run and keep doing this on and off for the full half hour. I was beat! But, I trudged right through it. My leg could handle the running and walking, but immediately after my leg keeps locking on me. It is almost as if I am going to fall and my knee locks as a cautionary to stop me from falling. It is kinda horrible. Perhaps I pulled something? We will wait out the day today and see what happens, but the cardio definitely didn't do it any good. I am suppose to do cardio again tonight but I will talk to Tyler today and see what he thinks. Keep you updated in that department.

Yesterday was a HARD day again. I felt hungry all day long. I am still going strong with my diet though but when the kids had their gummies yesterday I had to let them slip right past my nose just so I could smell them! They smelled so sweet and delicious I could almost taste them. So I kinda imagined I did just that even though I didn't. Going strong! Week two starts today!

Oh and Tyler told me I am not aloud to weigh myself! This is going to be hard! He said he will weigh me. He said it could get discouraging because sometimes I won't lose because I will be gaining muscle. Wish me luck with that. So you can keep track on my sidebar even though I am not exactly sure how often it will be updated. I know my goal for six weeks is to be down the first 20 pounds!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Like Dinner Time

Especially on training or cardio days! Bring on the real food! I might have something that resembles this tonight for supper.

I am still SO VERY SORE today and I trained on Friday. Here is hoping my cardio tonight loosens up my right leg and I can walk again normally tomorrow!

Week One -- Day 6

Seriously day six? I honestly say today that I am glad I am only training twice a week. It kills me! Yesterday was training day two for me and I went in confident! I was prepared for what we were going to do. I figured it would all be the same as my first training session. Boy was I wrong! LOL I did so many more arm exercises, weights and even ab workouts (killer). I came home in the middle of the day feeling like a bowl of jello again. Nella (my seven month old) decided she wanted to be fed and I could barely hold her bottle for her never mind her 20 lb self. It was horrible! I needed at least an hour to recoup after that training session! Reminding myself that training in the day is a very BAD idea when you are coming back home to care for your four children ALONE! Back to night training I think.

So I am sore today. Again, at the moment the sore feels kinda good. I know it means I am getting somewhere. I am suppose to rest today which means only one complex carb for me this morning which I just had. It is getting easier to follow the diet and I can actually say I have not eaten anything I shouldn't have (not even a little bite). If I didn't state before, the food aspect is the hardest for me. When I have followed Weight Watchers before it was all points and I could eat what I wanted, now I have a limited diet which contains much of these foods : fish (which I actually enjoy at dinner time), tuna (which I am not fond of, especially when I cannot put any dressing in with it for flavour or moisture), natural peanut butter (have you ever tried it? I am getting more use to it now but it is STICKY), celery, broccoli, yams, chicken, whole wheat pasta (only on training days or cardio days), rice cakes, onion (I am using this a lot to flavor things) and protein shake. I can actually eat pretty much any vegetables I want (the greener the better) and I can have one fruit of my choice in a day. I am usually having a banana because it seems to fill me up the best. I am also eating a lot of green beans with my dinners too. They are my favourite!

I also wanted to state for the record that I have already lost 20 lbs prior to this "Painful Weight Loss Journey" by following Weight Watchers again. It was going well until about Thanksgiving when we kinda ate whatever we wanted again. We had even ordered pizza a few times so that is when I knew I needed to seek extra help. I know having the accountability is going to make me work that much harder. I can do this! I WILL do this!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week One -- Day Three

So this right here is what I have eaten for lunch the past two days. I think what made it most bearable for me what the NO FAT dressing I put in it. Probably less than a teaspoon, but as it turns out I am probably not even aloud to use it at all! I will have to show Tyler the contents to see if it is okay or not! So imagine how I felt trying to eat tuna for lunch today, completely dry with cucumbers while my girls had grilled cheese! Ouch, that hurt. Today has been rough so far food wise. I am HUNGRY and ingesting food all day long that does not have the most pleasant taste is almost killing me!

I am fighting this though and fighting every urge I have to hit McDonald's for a large fry and a cheeseburger! LOL It isn't that bad, but it has been a bad day for me. I still have yet to run on the treadmill. I will do that after bed time tonight (the kids bed time I mean) I guess. My legs are still hurting today so perhaps after a little cardio they will feel a bit better. We will see. All I can say right now is that I am REALLY looking forward to a decent meal with some flavour for dinner. Fish with Lemon, sweet potatoes and green beans. It's gonna be a LONG 12 weeks people. I can feel it on day three! I might be re-thinking the sweet potato actually. I might have brown rice instead. Hmmm...

Oh by the way, I was having trouble getting up and down from the sitting position last night. It hurts but feels good at the same time if that makes any sense at all :)