Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Okay... I Promised

So here I am. Week two day three. Last night was training night. It went well. We started out with a full body work out again but quickly changed tunes when my leg started pulling and paining again. Next training session we will concentrate on my lower body since we strictly ended up doing upper body last night. My arms are still VERY week today. It is seriously hard to type even. I am having no problem lifting the girls today so far (thank goodness)! I did a ton of arm exercises and weights and then a whole lot of ab exercises. I am continually surprising myself with how much I am actually accomplishing. But it is HARD work!

So I walked in last night and started warming up right away. Tyler usually takes that time to look in my chart, at my journal, etc. and just chit chat a bit about how things have been going for me. He told me I looked like I had lost about three pounds since I was last there to do training and that since I didn't believe him that perhaps we better weigh in so he could prove himself. LOL Well I was last there to see him on Friday and I had lost exactly 3 pounds since then! I am impressed, but not exactly excited that he can look at me and know how many pounds I have lost. He is my neighbour, which means I am REALLY accountable now since he can look at me and see just how well or not so well I am doing every day. Seriously though, I am not worried. I am kicking ass and will continue to do so until I reach my goal weight and can wear a tank top comfortably!

Also, I learned last night that one of my complex carbs on training days is suppose to follow my workout. 2 complex carbs on workout days one prior to and one following training. This is going to be more difficult than I thought considering my training is usually late at night!

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  1. Way to go, keep it up! Does this mean I can't eat chips tomorrow? LOL, just kidding!