Monday, November 15, 2010

This Whole Leg Thing

Ouch! I did my cardio on the treadmill. Used the "transition" setting. I would walk briskly and then run and keep doing this on and off for the full half hour. I was beat! But, I trudged right through it. My leg could handle the running and walking, but immediately after my leg keeps locking on me. It is almost as if I am going to fall and my knee locks as a cautionary to stop me from falling. It is kinda horrible. Perhaps I pulled something? We will wait out the day today and see what happens, but the cardio definitely didn't do it any good. I am suppose to do cardio again tonight but I will talk to Tyler today and see what he thinks. Keep you updated in that department.

Yesterday was a HARD day again. I felt hungry all day long. I am still going strong with my diet though but when the kids had their gummies yesterday I had to let them slip right past my nose just so I could smell them! They smelled so sweet and delicious I could almost taste them. So I kinda imagined I did just that even though I didn't. Going strong! Week two starts today!

Oh and Tyler told me I am not aloud to weigh myself! This is going to be hard! He said he will weigh me. He said it could get discouraging because sometimes I won't lose because I will be gaining muscle. Wish me luck with that. So you can keep track on my sidebar even though I am not exactly sure how often it will be updated. I know my goal for six weeks is to be down the first 20 pounds!


  1. Sorry to hear about the leg thing! Exercising always leaves me hungry! Have you mentioned this to Tyler? Maybe he has some ideas for foods that would fill you (me) up more when including exercise in your day. Good luck this week!

  2. I was having that exact same leg thing a month or so! I know how it feels and it's sucks!! It just went away on it's own after a week or two. I think it was happening to me because of my hormones though.

    Goodluck this week, keep up the great work!