Monday, November 8, 2010

Week One -- Day One

So here is the plan. I will train with Tyler twice a week for a 45 min session and do two cardio workouts (on my treadmill) twice a week on my own for 12 weeks. I am following a strict diet (high protein and low carbs) all the while and blogging and journaling for accountability. My goal, to lose 40 lbs and tone this flabby body! It's on baby! It's on! And after work out one I am feeling almost dead. I wasn't certain I would have the energy to type these keys in front of me. No tears yet, but I know they are coming! I am also pretty certain I will have a hard time walking tomorrow morning. Right now... I am feeling okay. Still positive. It will get easier, I know it. I CAN do this and I WILL. Bring it baby! Bring it!

If I am gonna post them {cause it certainly isn't easy}, they might as well be big. Go big or go home they say. So, I am going big :)

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  1. You can do it! Have you ever done the C25K? (Couch to 5K) I did it last year and it works you up gradually to running a 5K. I enjoyed it. Good luck!